"Last month I had been to Fortis Hospital on an emergency situation, as I was bleeding profusely from my uterus. There we met the gynecologist and she suggested for scanning. After the scan was complete, Dr. Gurucharan S Shetty was called to look at the scan, he had a focused assessment about the problem. We were then told that there was an injury to the uterine artery, he further suggested a line of procedures to solve the issue. Dr. Gurucharan took it as a challenge to cure me – he was fighting battles on 2 fronts. First to convince my family and second to get ready for technical procedure since it was complicated. I really appreciate his knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and dedication. I can’t thank Dr. Gurucharan for the overall care & support that he provided."

By Nisha S Kambi

“I had continuous bleeding after abortion. Scan in hassan revealed pregnancy products had remained and that they had gone inside  uterus. I visited several gynaecologists in hassan, Bangalore all of whom suggested that my uterus has be removed, I have only one child and only 27 yr of age. Finally one radiologist asked me to consult interventional radiologist. We gone to fortis hospital Dr Gurucharan, he said it can be treated without removing uterus by embolize treatment. I undergone treatment, only had pain for one day and bleeding stop completely. Now I am getting normal periods. He has saved my and my family happiness. I am very much thankful."

By Ab

“ I was extremely scared after noticing a lump in my left breast. The surgeon asked me to get a breast biopsy done. I have always been scared of needles and felt it would be very painful, but getting the breast biopsy done under Dr Shetty was a completely painless experience. It turned out I was unnecessarily worried as the lump turned out to be not cancer.”

By Sujana Satish

“My husband had leg swelling and fluid in his stomach. Only the scans in Fortis hospital revealed that one of his main blood vessel had closed. We were referred to Dr Gurucharan. He explained the procedure and its risks and benefits in great detail. Finally we decided to undergo the procedure and a stent was put in the closed blood vessel. My husband got discharged soon and in a few days his leg swelling reduced and also the fluid came down. I am thanks for the correct diagnosis and treatment at Radiology department and specially to Dr Gurucharan.”

By Thulasi sadashiv